PlayStation Eye

The PlayStation Eye is nearly with us. Originally, we were shocked and upset to discover that the new gizmo isn’t a PlayStation themed big-wheel like the London Eye, but is in fact a wizzo new EyeToy camera for the PS3.

Set to launch in a pack with Eye of Judgment, the Eye will also be available on its own for $39.99 in the US, launching on October 23rd. Expect a similar price-point for the UK.

The camera’s spec is far better than the EyeToy’s was, with a much better resolution (640 x 480 at 60fps, 320 * 240 at 120fps). More interestingly is the microphone, which according to the article is at least as good as using a headset. It’s certainly going to make video chat an attractive proposition. Assuming you’re chatting with someone attractive. For us, that’s no problem, but for you? Good luck…

The PSN is going to play host to a free piece of video/audio editing software called EyeCreate, which will allow you to edit and share your PlayStation Eye creations. We are positively drooling at the thought of what depraved nonsense we can film. And just wait until we get our vocal cords into SingStar while using the Eye to record our swish moves.

We need to lie down now.