Gabe Newell Hates The PS3

Deary me, poor Gabe Newell of Valve fame. He really doesn’t like the PS3 and seemingly takes every available opportunity to let us all know about it. We’d tell you what he said, but when we tried to type out his words this is what happened:

blahblahI am rubbish at PS3 codingblahblahAll these other teams seem to be great at itblahblahI cry, I am so rubbishblahblahLet EA do the codingblahblahI’ll slag off PS3 to hide my shortcomingsblahblah

Obviously, the PS3 is an absolute git to work with. Just check out what Pivotal had to say in the latest Edge. They made their feelings about the PS3 crystal clear, because Pivotal genuinely like working with the PS3, and some of the parallel-programming challenges are no different to what we’ve had to do with the 360.

Oh dear, poor Gabe.