Lost Planet Hits PS3

There’s still a little while before Capcom unveil the secret list of games they’re working on, but GamesRader have the whole thing anyway from a press conference in London.

So, of relevance to PS3 owners is the news of Street Fighter 4, Lost Planet and Dark Void. We don’t yet have all the details on Street Fighter 4, but we know that Lost Planet will feature all the extra content from the 360 version plus upgrades and bonuses from the PC version, making the PS3 version of Lost Planet the ultimate one to have.


Dark Void is a brand new IP for Capcom, and is a third-person steam-punk style sci-fi adventure on both ground and in the air, via a jetpack – we don’t yet know the platforms for anything except Lost Planet, but we’re fairly confident Street Fighter 4 and Dark Void will hit Sony consoles. More as we get it.

Update: Street Fighter 4 trailer is up, although the site is getting hammered.