GT 5 Demo Is Up

Yeah, it’s there, about 5 hours early, and we’re the first fansite in the World to report this! Go get it now before every man and his dog realises. It’s 736 MB, and naturally only on the Japanese Store. Digg this story.

gt 5 demo


Update: Cockpit view is there (although obviously not for the GTR yet) and the pit crews – yes – they are real time.

Update 2: Quit (circle) out of the main home screen to see various realtime treats, including photo mode examples and replays of races on the Daytona and Fuji tracks, plus dozens of other cars. So, the data is there on the download for three tracks and at least 20-25 cars!

Update 3: Anyone wondering about the Japanese in the demo – the important bits are that the locked cars will be unlocked during the Tokyo Motor Show (ie, over the next week really) with the GTR being unmasked on the 24th. Professional (simulation) mode is activated via the second option down once you’ve clicked ‘Race’ from the menu – it’s the lower option on the drop down.