FIFA Street 3 Announced

EA have just announced the latest FIFA Street, entitled FIFA Street 3, oddly enough. What’s more odd is the visual style – it’s kind of like a mad Saturday morning cartoon (click the link above to see the first screens) and apparently uses the visual engine from NBA Street Homecourt and the gameplay mechanics from FIFA 2008, which actually sounds like a good way to use existing technology. We’ve not played Street since the first one, and that was only because of the ridiculous commentary, so we’re hoping that’s still back in.

Anyway, with 250 players (from 18 teams) each member of your squad now has a heroic quality, such as Tricksters, Enforcers, Playmakers and Finishers that all give you different options on the ball and, apparently make your mark on the street. Joe Nickolls, producer on the project:


We have completely re-invented the FIFA Street franchise by turning the game’s biggest stars into action heroes using art direction that makes you look twice. The power of the Next Generation hardware gives us the horsepower to break new ground for consumers, making it the perfect stage to enjoy a multi-player, sports action arcade experience. Casual gamers and sports fans can expect a simplified control system that makes it easier to perform spectacular moves and enjoy the game with friends, yet still be a challenging experience for more seasoned gamers.

Apparently running at 60fps in 720p, and 30fps at 1080p, this at least looks the part. We’ll have more on this once EA announce SSX 4 – until then, we’re saying nothing.