Firmware 2.00F Released

Well, we certainly weren’t expecting this: PS3 Firmware 2.00F (not sure what happened to A, B, C, D and E though) is set to be released at midnight tonight (GMT) with a host of new features, most of which are completely out of the blue. Cool, but absolutely not what we’d heard in the numerous rumours we’ve been hit by over the last couple of weeks – here’s the full list:

PSN Background Auto-Downloads
The PS3 will now automatically scan the PlayStation Store each Thursday for new content to download. This will enable users to save themselves from the disappointment of actually connecting to the PSN and realising there’s nothing worth downloading. It will do this continuously throughout each Thursday afternoon, and will beam any new content to any connected PSP. If you don’t have a PSP, it will convert the list to the nearest available Nintendo DS. *

One-pass Code Optimiser [TM]
Auto-scans any sub-par game and optimises the graphics and AI code in real-time to run properly on the PS3. This will greatly enhance titles such as The Darkness, Skate and anything by Ubisoft, and is targeted specifically at those morons having trouble with PS3 development. We have internally dubbed this ‘The Gabe’.

Building on the Folding@Home framework, Ironing@Home allows any USB-compatible iron to be connected to the PS3 and using the power of the Cell your ironing will be done 400% quicker than it would have been by a human. You can also connect up multiple PS3s for parallel ironing, providing up to 1 giga-crease of power.

PS3 XMB Tidier
Automatically removes unused icons to a separate folder, so you’ll never need to look at all those awful PSN games again. You know the ones: the dirt cheap ones that had to be worth a punt at £1.99 when you’d had a few scoops, but really, really weren’t, but you couldn’t bring yourself to actually delete them.

* at off-peak times only, subject to availability.