PSN Content: 15/11/07

A bit of a weak line-up this Thursday for UK PS3 owners, with the lead game being the oddly titled Mesmerize Trace (yeah, we thought this was out a couple of weeks back too) for a couple of quid but at least there’s a Stranglehold demo, and the old staple Motorstorm gets yet another downloadable pack. Here’s the full list, via Threespeech:

Mesmerize Trace (PlayStation Eye) (SCEE): £1.99

Stranglehold Demo (MIDWAY GAMES): Free

MotorStorm Big I Bunny and Numskull (SCEE): £1.49

Uncharted a Living Environment (SCEE): Free
Riff Everyday Shooter trailer (SCEE): Free
BLAZING ANGELS®2 Trailer (Ubisoft Entertainment): Free

Wall-E (Disney Pixar): Free

PS3 TV Commercial (SCEE)

Not sure what happened to the Uncharted demo, but seeing as how the US demo is now region-free you should just hop onto your US account and grab that one instead.