UT III Will Have Home Space

In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Epic’s Mark Rein has praised the way Sony are developing Home, and is planning a Home Space for Unreal Tournament III so that gamers can get together and join games easily. “We’re planning that you’ll be able to get a party together in Home and then file into the game from an Unreal space. Home’s pretty cool, so we’re planning to do that.” he said. “What I like about that is that you’ll be able to form without us having to build a party system. It won’t be as detailed as a real party system, but the idea is that we could all meet up in a room and go together in the game. I think it’s really smart that eventually if everybody does that, each company doesn’t have to develop its own way to all meet up somewhere and all go into a game. I think that’s a very smart way to do it, and I kind of wish Xbox 360 would do that, and I’m hoping that they will at some point. “