PSN Content: 29/11/07

Well, the local banana bending factory closed early today, so rather than hang out outside waiting for freebies we’ve put together this lovely collection of downloadable stuff, which your friendly PSN Store is all to happy to send your way. For a price. It’s always for a price…

First up we’ve got this smashing looking TimeShift demo, alongside two (proper) PS1 classics – Destruction Derby and Kula World, both £3.49 to you, guvnor. Then there’s more Motorstorm liveries (does anyone buy these?) at £1.99 plus two excellent Resistance multiplayer maps featuring the sunny delights* of Bracknell and Axbridge. If you’re crazy, Sega have upped some missions for Sonic for £1.99.

And whilst the US gets Pain, we get a trailer of Pain.

*Other drinks are available.

In other news, the winner of our Need For Speed Pro Street competition is ASFC, with the immortal ‘born to drift & my skyline will always be on pole’ which whilst not obviously funny just gets better the more you play it back to yourself in your head. Dude, or dudette, expect an email within the hour and if you’re quick you’ll have the game for Saturday.