5 Days of SingStar: Part Two

On the second day of Singstar my true love gave to me: Two Turtle Heads. This year Singstar is going to be different – one look at SingStarGame.com shows that SCEE are building a community around user generated content – a wicked idea but we can only hope that the videos will be moderated to some extent, the last thing we need is someone mooning to She Bangs The Drums. The site is open now, and you can register your account and hopefully come Friday SingStar PS3 will be able to link with the website and start to work its magic.

If you’re not aware, SingStar will record 30 seconds of your performance at random, assuming of course you have the PlayStation Eye, and then upload the movie to the website for others to enjoy, in a sort of YouTube style. The game will also record a few photographs at key moments of the song. Viewers to your profile will be able to leave you comments and rate your singing.

Another of the online features is the SingStore. Whilst SingStar will come with 30 songs pre-loaded on the disk (more on that tomorrow) the SingStore will launch with 44 more songs which you’ll be able to purchase from within the game itself. Songs will be 99p, or €1.49, and more songs will be uploaded to the SingStore on a regular basis.