Omega Dawn Impressions

I spent some time last night trying out the latest version of Warhawk and more importantly the new Omega Dawn expansion pack.

Firstly, a couple of nice new features are available when creating a Warhawk server. The option to host clan-only games is welcome and now there’s a few of us in the TSA clan, we’ll be looking to make use of this option. Another nice feature is that Warhawk now allows you to reserve a set number of slots in a game for people on your buddy list.

I only had a short amount of time to play on the new map, so I picked a CTF game and headed out. I was impressed from the moment my trooper hit the ground and I was looking out over the vista of the new map. It looks huge and in the dusky light the atmosphere was brilliant.

It’s a great map, with lots of ways to navigate round via roads or off-road, depending on what you prefer. There’s many a nook and cranny to find and I particularly the placement of some of the powerups; great for acrobatics in the Warhawk.

TSA is hosting a Warhawk game tonight, exclusively on the new map, we hope to see you there.