LBP, Killzone 2, GTA IV – April 2008?

Man goes to Best Buy, man gets list of games. We’re too weedy to add the dates to our release dates page (which is needing some serious attention) but we have typed all the games out for you…

PS3 Release Dates 2008 (USA)
All dates subject to change, and all that. Some are probably already wrong.

Army of Two: 4th March
Battlefield Bad Company: 24th March
Borderlands: 1st September
Bourne Conspiracy: 3rd June
Brothers In Arms: 8th April
Brutal Legend: 3rd November
Burnout Paradise: 14th January
The Club: 19th February
Condemned 2: 26th February
Conflict: Denied Ops: 12th February
Dark Sector: 25th March
Dead Space: 8th October
Destroy All Humans 3: 4th March
Devil May Cry 4: 5th Feburary (and Special Edition)
Dynasty Warriors 6: 19th February
End War: 1st April
Fall Out 3: 9th September
Fatal Inertia: 1st May
FIFA Street 3: 18th February
Frontlines: 5th May
Ghostbusters: 7th October
Golden Axe: 8th September
GTA IV: 1st April (and Special Edition)
Haze: 18th March
Heist: 13th May
Hellboy: 24th June
History Channel: Battle for Pacific: 19th February
Hot Shots Golf 5: 18th March
Incredible Hulk: 3rd June
Iron Man: 22nd April
Karaoke Rev: American Idol: 3rd March
Killzone 2: 7th April
LittleBigPlanet: 7th April
Lost: 26th February
Lost Planet: 3rd March
Major League Baseball: 3rd March
Mercenaries 2: 8th April
Metal Gear Solid 4: 17th June
Midnight Club: 1st April
MLB 08: 4th March
Monster Madness: 8th April
NFL Tour: 8th January
Pro Evo Soccer 2008: 11th March
Prototype: 15th September
Rainbow Six Vegas 2: 11th March
Rogue Warrior: 10th November
Sega Superstars Tennis: 4th March
Sid Meier’s Civilisation: 1st April
SingStar: 13th May
Soul Calibur IV: 2nd June
Star Wars Force Unleashed: 8th April
Tiberium: 2nd September
Turning Point: 26th February
Turok: 5th February
Two Worlds: 1st August
UEFA Euro 2008: 15th April
Viking: 4th March
WET: 1st October
Wheelman, The: 1st September

PS: If you’re going to C&P this list for your own site, at least give us credit. We’re missing Half Ton Woman for this. And if any publisher wants anything removing, let us know. Note that there’s no PSN Store content on this, hence the lack of WipEout HD.