Friday PS3 > 360 Roundup

Whilst we can’t promise anywhere near the same insane levels of FUN that Thursdays can bring, you can rely on us for a regular weekly burst of fanboyism to keep you busy over the weekend, and we’ll start with the wonderful news that the PS3 version of Burnout Paradise is better than the 360 version due to a lack of tearing and better visual effects, textures and so on for PlayStation owners. So when the game is released next week make sure you show your support and pick up a copy.

Want more? We’ll give you more. How about news that PC darling Crysis will see a PS3 version but not a 360 one due to ‘technical reasons’? Yeah, that’s right, the 360 won’t be able to run it. We’re not entirely sure how the PS3 will, but maybe it’s the magic LocoRocos in there giving it the extra juice.


Want more? We don’t have any more. Too bad.