IGN Updates UK Release Dates

IGN have updated their UK release dates list, and there some interesting things on there.

First, at the very top of the list, Everyday Shooter is stated for a JANUARY release. There is only one more PSN update in January, and that’s in 3 days. Surely, this means we’ll finally be getting Everyday Shooter this week.

Second, there’s the release dates we already know – Devil May Cry 4 + SE (on February 8th), there’s Turok on the same day. Just Cause 2 will be released on March 21st, Rock Band and Killzone 2 are still listed as Q1, GTA 4 + SE on 29th April. Mercenaries 2 is just listed as April. Prototype is listed on December 31st…interesting.

Well, click the above link for the full list, I can’t possibly list all of them here.