No to 120gb PS3 in UK

As we’ve previously reported , there were rumours going around about a 120gb PS3 being released. SCEE have seen fit to crush our dreams again, this time by saying that they “do not currently have any plans to release a 120GB PlayStation 3 in the UK”.

Notice 2 things about that sentence: no 120GB PS3’s…the rumour incorporated 120-160gb; and ‘in the UK’. So there could be one released elsewhere.

Maybe the UK will get a nice 160gb PS3 to go with PlayTV, whilst everywhere else will get the 120gb. Sounds good, don’t you think?

Or maybe they’re just not going to release one. If this is the case, remember, folks, Sony actually encourage that you replace the the hardrive yourself in favour of a bigger, badder and bracing chunk of memory, and it’s easy to do, so it’s not all bad.