Hot Coffee Settlement Reached

Sure, it’s not strictly GTA IV related, but Rockstar Games have reached a settlement in the US over the infamous Hot Coffee hack, which as you may remember featured two polygonal gangsta types getting it on. Kind of. Anyway, lots of Americans got very upset about this, and according to the legal speak ‘any US citizen who was officially “offended and upset” by the ability to unlock this hidden content can now claim up to $35 in compensation.’ Fine, you might say, if you’ve got your original game, the receipt and a stamp you can justly claim your $35.

The best bit, though – you don’t need the disk. If you just have ‘details’ – ie, a bank statement showing the purchase perhaps, you can claim $10. But check this out – if you don’t have any details at all (ie, haven’t even bought the damned game) you can claim $5. Seriously – check here for details. You can even submit the form online. There’s 300 million people in the US. 300 million * $5 is, well, loads of money.


And remember kids, you can use that $5 to pre-order GTA IV.