Devil May Cry 4 News

Devil May Cry 4 was released in America yesterday, so there was a large rush towards shops to get it. Do you remember hearing about the install-to-hardrive feature that the PS3 version has? Well, I have some news about it.

1. The hardrive feature is not optional. Most of us knew this already, but I’ll just restate it just in case you already heard.

2. Upon booting the game, it takes 20 minutes to install 5gb of data to your PS3’s hardrive. Don’t fret though! There’ll be a history of Devil May Cry playing whilst it’s installing, and if you don’t want to watch this, just go and do something else (though not on the PS3, it’s out of action until it’s done). Grab a coke, get a sandwich, complain on forums via PC, whatever. It’s only 20 minutes, it’s not a problem (unless you’re really impatient).

3. There are mixed stories on the decrease in loading times the install is supposed to do. Capcom say that it’ll result in ‘near Super Nintendo’ loading times. All the accounts I’ve seen say that there is only a second or so difference between the hardrive-using PS3 and the DVD streaming Xbox 360 versions. On the other hand, who would have actually bought the same game for both systems? So these comments are not reliable as yet.

Well, there’s mixed news on the hardrive capability’s deliverance, but the game itself seems to be great. IGN reviewed it at 8.7, GameTrailers gave it a 8.6, so there are some decent reviews floating around.

DMC4 is released in the UK on Friday the 8th of February (3 days!).