The Giants Are Coming

This is the image that was over at Team Ico’s blog before the blog went down – from an overload of visitors as a result of the image or because they’re doing something to it, we don’t know yet.

It’s a cryptic message, and it hints at a world of possibilities – some people think it’s a HD remake of Shadow of the Colossus (SotC), others think it’s a new game altogether, whilst yet more others think it’s the bridge between Ico and SotC.

There was a tab in the upper right of the website that said just ‘February 10th’. Don’t you just love gaming drama? Anyhow, the quicker amongst you may have realised – February 10th is tomorrow.

Whatever it is, we can be sure it will astound and gobsmack us all.

If you don’t know what Ico or Shadow of the Colossus is, where have you been? Ico was a fantastic game on the PS2 that was largely ignored due to bad marketing, despite the reviews it got, and SotC is the sequel/prequel (we don’t really know yet). They were both fantastic games, and SotC was arguably the best looking game on the PS2, with an amazing new idea – there are just bosses, and the bosses are the levels. They were mind-numbingly huge, and you had to scale them and stab them in their weak points to take them down.

Considering the beauty and general awesomeness of the previous 2 Team Ico games, we can be sure that we’re in for a treat.

You can ignore everything above. It turns out that this was a rumour, alledgedly started by the idiots at How depressing.

Nevertheless, we DO know that Team Ico are working on TWO secret projects, and that one of them is related to Ico and SotC in some way, so we can only wait and wonder.