Civilization Revolution Release Date

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution for PS3, 360 and DS now has an official Europe release date that 2k Games announced today (in San Francisco, if you must know). The date is the 6th June 2008, which is less than 5 months from now, if you didn’t work it out already.

Civilization Revolution (CR for short) is the latest edition of the award winning Civilization series that started out on the PC. This version has been built especially for Consoles and the handheld, so there shouldn’t be any problems with the controls. It’ll be a turn based strategy that will be designed so it’s pretty much pick-up-and-play, but hopefully with a bit more depth that that phrase usually implies. This is the first Civilization game to be on a console (other than the N-Gage version) and we’ve got high hopes that it’ll bring some much needed strategy into our FPS-based lives.