PS1 Games Coming Soon To PSN

NeoGAF member Shard has uncovered a list of PlayStation One games that we can expect to see on the PSN soon, as verified on the PEGI site. Some classics include Bust a Groove, Crash Bandicoot 3 and of course, Ridge Racer.

Bust a Groove (Other/Music games)
Crash Bandicoot 3 (Action/Platform)
Colony Wars (Action/Platform)
Cool Boarders 2 (Sports/Extreme Sports)
Cool boarders 3 (Sports/Extreme Sports)
Destruction Derby 2 (Racing)
Devil Dice (Puzzle)
Everybody’s Golf (Sports/Golf)
Klonoa (Action/Platform)
Kurushi Final (Puzzle)
Motor Toon Grand Prix (Racing)
Namco Museum (Other/Mini game Collection)
Namco Museum 2 (Puzzle)
Namco Museum 4 (Puzzle)
Omega Boost (Action/Shooter)
Ridge Racer (Racing/Arcade Racing)
Ridge Racer Type 4 (Racing)
Rollcage (Racing)
Spyro: Year of the Dragon (Action/Platform)
Tekken 2 (Fighting/Beat-Em-Up)
Tekken 3 (Fighting/Beat-Em-Up)
Twisted Metal (Racing)
Vib Ribbon (Other/Music games)
Wip3out (Racing/Futuristic Racing)
WipeOut 2097 (Racing/Futuristic Racing)

No idea on release dates, mind.