Unknown Game Leaves Reporter Speechless

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Sony showed a select few people a trailer for a game. We have absolutely no inkling as to what this game was – hell, we don’t even know the genre. The people who were shown the game were told that they could tell nobody what the game was, who was making it, etc. All we know is that it will be released sometime in 2009.

Darren Waters of BBC News, who was lucky enough to see the trailer (and got word of Motorstorm 2) said this: ‘I don’t mean to be a tease – all I can say is that I was left speechless….We could be on the brink of a step change in what games consoles are capable of in terms of story-telling and immersion

Our collective heart is beating faster at this. It could be any one of a huge number of possibilities – one of Team Ico’s next games, perhaps? Or something completely new? All we know is that it looked amazing. If we’re lucky, someone will tell us what it is before we explode with enthusiasm.