Saints Row 2 Screenshots

If you’re a groovy person chances are you’ll agree with us when we say the first Saints Row was utterly fab, and a notch or two visually above anything Rockstar has put out. Coupled with some dark humour and a massive sandbox of minigames and plot twists we reckon we have every right to want the sequel to be even better.

This time around the main story mode will be playable via co-op (both offline and over PSN) and the game will feature sea and air craft, as well as motorbikes for the first time, although the game will be set in the same area of Stilwater (with some extra sections to the west of the city). We got some new screens (click the title above) of the beefed-up character creation screen, but don’t expect this game for a few months after GTA IV at least, whilst Volition get the very best they can out of the title.