SixAxis Competitor

As if to prove the point that third-party PlayStation peripherals are always the ugly cousins of their Sony produced counterparts, the NYKO Zero Wireless has appeared on the scene. Oh yes. It has ‘Multi-Axis’ technology with ‘true 6 axis response’, which is obviously better than SixAxis which lies about its responses all the time. Well, have you played Lair?

The Zero comes with full vibration feedback – on games that support it – and precision analog sticks and buttons. The design incorporates a ‘metal polymer resin hybrid’ for ergonomics, along with ‘heat dissipating’ aluminium panels. The rechargeable NiMH battery is said to provide up to 25 hours of play time. Impressive if that proves to be the case.

There are 3 unique designs – obviously unique or else there’d only be 1 design – to choose from. We suggest you choose this version.