Vikings Ahoy!

Vikings are awesome. At least, when you set aside their penchant for rape and pillage they are awesome. They’re so awesome that we’re surprised every other game doesn’t feature Viking-fuelled violence. Top videogame war-mongerers The Creative Assembly clearly agree, because they are all set to release their new title; Viking: Battle for Asgard.

Up in Asgard, where the Norse Gods live, they are having a bit of a quarrel. The goddess Hel has been banished from Asgard for defying Odin’s rule, and she’s not happy about it. She wants revenge and for that she seeks to bring about Ragnarok, an apocalyptic battle that would destory Asgard and the gods. Hel musters an army of resurrected Viking warriors and marches on the mortal world of Midgard.


Understandably peeved by this, the gods charge Freya, Odin’s daughter, with the task of stopping Hel and saving Midgard. Freya chooses the young, but troubled warrior Skarin as her champion and he is thrust into the middle of the brutal war.

And this, dear Viking wannabe, is where you come in. The player takes control of Skarin as he wages war against men and gods across a stunning Viking landscape. Epic battles featuring hundreds of NPCs will be the culmination of your journey of discovery, stealth, and brutal combat.

The game will be rich with Viking mythology, not least that of Skarin himself who is the definitive Viking warrior. Play the game well and it’ll be you they talk about as a legend around their campfires.

The game world is a vast, open environment full of not just combat, but exploration and quests too. The comabt engine has been designed to be an intense and brutal experience; just watch the limbs go flying! Magical and mythical powers are available to help you tame and command dragons, and call upon the power of the gods for help. You’ll need it if you are to free your people and have them fight alongside you in battle.

It’s due for release on the 28th March, and because The Creative Assembly’s pedigree is so exceptional, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. Not too close though, in case some wayward Viking warrior cuts it out with a rusty spoon.

Lots of trailers on the official site.