Call of Duty 4 Patch

Everyone’s current favourite shooter has been patched today, to version 1.2. It’ll automatically download and install when you start the game (provided your PS3 is connected to the internet), and it’s only 12mb, so it shouldn’t take long.

The features of the patch are:


* Optimised servers
* New Kill cams (grenades, RPGs, airstrikes, claymores, and more)
* Quick Mute (allows user to mute annoying players by pressing X on their user ID in the lobby)
* Addition of “Recently Met Players” for the PlayStation Network
* Improvements to the Sniper Rifles and Acog attachments (no more delayed shots)

Call of Duty 4 Patch

Alright, so the 360 got a similar patch a while ago, but it’s nice to see the PS3 isn’t going to be forgotten. Also, don’t forget the new maps coming soon. It’s good to see that CoD4 is being supported so well.