UT3 Patch Coming

Unreal Tournament 3, Epic Game’s fantastic fast-paced first person shooter, is going to be patched. The patch will address numerous issues in the game, one of the most noteable of which is the broken VOIP feature that so many people are complaining about, amongst many, many other things.

There are two versions of the patch, the US version and the EU version. The US version will have more fixes, because some of the features of the US patch were included on the retail EU Blu-Ray disk plus the new fixes too. Turns out delays can be useful, after all.

Here are the fixes in both the US and the EU version of the patch:

– Mods now on root of memory device, can download easier from PS3 web browser
– Fixed VOIP quality issues
– Fixed some headset connection issues
– Added support for full character mods (heads/premade whole characters)
– No longer need to reboot after importing a character mod to see it in menus
– DLC no longer acts like a user mod (being listed in MyContent and causing disable mod crash dialog)
– Fix for bootup and import slowdown with many mods installed
– Add a VOIP icon when VOIP is active (button held down)
– Fixes for corrupted the auto-mod-download cache
– Fix for flickering auto-download text
– Fix for getting stuck in multiplayer menu if you get in before gamespy connects
– Fixed a mod problem with switching between mod and shipping maps with clients teleporting randomly
– Fixed a mod problem with multiple gametype mods installed, only first one imported would work
– Fixed Leviathan deploy icon
– Bots now respect players feigning death (depending on bot skill level)
– Bots now respect sandstorm “blindness”
– Fix for bots picking linkgun mode

For the full list of issues (including the additional issues fixed in the US patch) go to the UTForums.