[UPDATE] PS3 FW 2.20 Secrets

PS3 Firmware 2.20 is out now, and in addition to our extensive look behind the scenes at the new features here at TheSixthAxis we like to look beyond the official changelog to see what Sony have added that they’ve not told us about. There’s nothing major this time (unlike the Earth visualiser last time but there are a few cool secrets. Click through…

Firstly, although it was mentioned on the official press release it wasn’t listed after that: you can now ‘save as’ from within the much improved web browser. Hover over an image or other file, and press triangle to bring up the menu and from there you can save files wherever you need to, within reason.


Secondly, in addition to the 2GB cap removal from certain video files, embedded subtitles now work for DivX files. The PS3 won’t pick up .srt or .sub files, but you can use Sub2DivX (google it) to do the job for you.

Copying PS1 games to the PSP from the PS3 now gives you the option to remove the game from your hard drive if required.

Blue-tooth keyboards and mice no longer need a blue-tooth USB key in the front of the console, so if you’re playing keyboard and mouse games like Unreal Tournament 3 the PS3 will now pick up your keyboard without the dongle, which is really cool.

Update: You can now use PS2 downloadable content on your PS3 if the game supports it. Basically if you put in a PS2 game that supports the hard disk it will tell you so, and offer to create a partition. Socom II will support this, for example.