Japanese GT 5 Prologue – Spec II

Got the Japanese version of GT 5 Prologue and are feeling left out at all the new goodness coming on the Western versions? Well, don’t – the Japanese version is getting an update to ‘Spec II’, on Friday at around Noon. To update, select News from the My Page, and then press the PS button.

Note that after updating, you’ll lose your replays and the event data will be cleared although you’ll keep all your credits and cars and any cleared events up to A class, so you won’t need to do those again. The full contents of the update will be revealed later, but we’re assuming it’s the cars, extra track and additional features from the US and PAL versions, but don’t quote us on that.

Update: sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the case. Assuming it’s the same Spec II that’s currently greeting PAL owners of the game, the 400MB patch simply adds a few new options, such as switching off ABS, and lots of new online events including new Drift events.