PS2 Games To Appear On The PSN Store

Exclusive: If you’re worried about backwards compatibility with PS2 games then worry no longer, as we’ve learnt today that the major stealth change in firmware 2.20 was in fact full PlayStation 2 compatibility and this amazing new feature will be not only be activated in time for the brand new Store interface update but was also the reason behind last week’s day-late European updates as the first PS2 games were meant to be available last Thursday.

Two independent sources who wish to remain in the shadows have both confirmed that PlayStation 2 games will be on the Store when it relaunches mid-April, and although they decline to let us know exactly which titles will appear one did say that the featured game (out of three) starts ‘in the rain’. Emulation is said to be entirely software based, regardless of the PS3 you own, and is apparently ‘rock solid’ with full texture upscaling rather than just blowing up the rendered image. We’ll have more on this as soon as it’s confirmed 100%. April Fool!

Rumours are also floating around that the 80gb version of the Playstation 3 is finally coming to the UK. The rumours stemmed from various retailers saying that is is ‘very likely’ that the 80gb is coming very soon, namely HMV and Costco – the latter are clearing out their supply of the 40gb in aid of the coming 80gb.

PS3’s own customer services also said thay it ‘may come soon’ and told us to keep watching the Playstation website. So it seems us UK Playstationers are finally getting some backwards compatible PS3’s back in shops, which we’ve been lacking since the 60gb stock ran out. With the PS3 already selling so well here, we can expect the trend to continue in the coming months.