Unreal Tournament 3 Mod Round-Up

Do you own Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3? Do you want to fight your way through some new maps? Do you want to change your gameplay experience? You’ve come to the right place, here’s a round up of some of the best user-generated content since the release.

Tiberium Special Edition – This is a special edition of a map called Tiberium. It features physics objects, a hidden tank (that can drive through some walls) and fast paced deathmatch fun whilst still looking damn good.


Capture the Flag:
Vertigo – Vertigo takes place on a rather large corridor-based map that’s suspended above a very busy city. This map looks great and plays great. It’s a long walk back with the flag, so teamwork is almost imperative unless you’re some kind of Unreal God.

Vehicle Capture the Flag:
Suspense-Necris – This is a necris themed version of the popular vCTF map Suspense (comes with the game). There are a few layout changes other than the different vehicles, and it’s just as much, if not more, fun than the original.

Snakebite – This is a very large map on which rounds can last for a very long time. A lot of strategy is needed to win on this challenging warfare match, so teamwork is very important.

An honourary mention for CaptainSnarf’s modded vehicle maps. There are four (Snarflan, Snarfalanche, Snarfcoast and Snarfspense (vCTF)). All of these are Warfare except Snarfspense. The modded vehicles are very well done and provide a nice change from the usual vehicles. They work well, and it’s always fun figuring out how each of them works.

The Uberboard – this mutator gives you an upgraded version of the hoverboard, and can be used in any gametype. It can also attach to any other uberboard (and vehicles) much like the hoverboard attaches to vehicles, resulting in daisy chains of maniacs with guns. It’s a manly daisy chain, obviously.

Action Cam V1 – This is a third person view mutator, similar to the camera in the likes of Gears of War and Resident Evil 4. It provides a whole new perspective on the game (literally) and allows you to see a bit more than you would from the normal view. There is also the MK3rdPersonMutator which brings the camera much further back, closer to SOCOM’s camera.

Mutant – This gametype is a deathmatch variation where you must be the mutant to score points. There is only one mutant, and to become the mutant you must kill the current mutant. Whoever happens to be the current mutant gets some rather spiffy powers, namely a lot of armour and faster weapon selection and firing speed. Of course, you must be the mutant to score, so you’ve gotta be careful.

Masterchief – Want to piss off the 360 owners? Or do you like Halo? This is a Masterchief skin so you can do just that. It is very well detailed, it looks fantastic, so much so that it could rival the skin used in Halo 3.

Samus Aran – Alright, 360-ers got something, so it’s only fair Nintendo do too, right? Well here’s Samus, the hotassed heroine of Metroid and it’s sequels. This is also a very good skin, perfect if you wish you were a female game character in a suit. Unfortunately, you’ll still need a Scavenger to curl up into a ball, skins can’t do that.

To install Mods on your PS3 version of UT3:
Download the mod and put it in the root of a USB drive, Memory Card (if you don’t have the 40gb version), any storage device that your PS3 will read. Open UT3, go to community, select My Content and press square. Select Yes when asked if you want to import the content.

Enjoy the mod roundup, another in about a month!