Home coming even sooner?

Well, another week, another Home story. Except this one’s quite interesting: take this with a pinch of salt, but according to – link removed – (reason: site is advert/banner hell and kills Firefox and probably shouldn’t be trusted) some folk have managed to grab what appears to be the mythical Home. Naturally, the whole world would explode in celebration if people could actually play it, but the thing apparently remains locked for those who are supposed to be playing it just now and not the general public. Does this mean we’re waiting for Sony to flick the switch to open the floodgates and let everyone play? Well, we can only hope, but if they can get this thing ready for when the new Store opens on April 15th we’re in for one hell of a treat next week…

Note: it’s worth mentioning that we here at TSA don’t recommend trying to access Home until Sony officially release an open beta version, and doing so may not be legal. Attempting to use any workarounds to get hold of Home isn’t a good idea anyway, and downloading anything from any source other than the official PSN Store to your PS3 is plain crazy.

Source, via NeoGAF.

Update: apparently this is all a big fake. The ‘exploit’, which involves fooling the PS3 into downloading something other than Folding@Home, has apparently been floating around for ages and is easily configured to give users the ability to grab whatever is currently up on the Sony servers. In this case, we’ve been told it’s just the current beta version of Home with some text changed to say 1.00. Shame, but we’re still holding out for something big next week… Sony…? =)