MGSO Beta? Not Japanese?

Well, for starters anyone from outside Japan has been locked out of the Metal Gear Solid Online beta website – it simply won’t let you sign up. Fair enough, but what about everyone that did get in – surely they’re still eligible to play, right? Well, not according to this, which says ‘we’re well aware of PS3 owners applying to subscribe to the MGS Online Beta which is currently limited to Japanese PSN account holders (i.e. Japanese residents), anyone subscribing with a PSN id which isn’t registered from a Japanese PSN account will not be accepted into the program. However, we’re also well aware that a large number of unscrupulous members have signed up for a Japanese PSN as well. ‘

‘Any member who has signed up to the Japanese PSN with fake or invalid details will be flagged at this point and their PSN accounts suspended pending further enquiries, in addition all beta members have to fill out an initial beta slip sent to their registered Japanese address. If they fail to return this beta slip, their access to the beta programme will become suspended.

It goes on: ‘It is our effort to only offer beta testing to qualified individuals who can offer us quality assurances on the beta versions of any of our software. Members abusing this system will be reported to Sony (worldwide) and it will be our request that such accounts or sub accounts will be banned from participation in ANY beta program in future and in cases where information supplied is fraudulent access to the relevant PSN networks will also be restricted to them.

Not sure if the forum poster is real, but this sucks if true.