Confirmed: Nothing To See Here

Well, when you’ve got nothing else to give, you start making shit up instead. Presumably drained from the good vibes emanating from the likes of GT 5 Prologue, MGS 4, Blu-ray victory and impending doom for anything beginning with ‘x’, the guys over at TeamXbox think the PS3 ‘may be the next system to experience a systemic hardware failure’ because a couple of people have had their Blu-ray drive die on them recently, giving an error message of 80010514, which apparently spells disaster for Sony. Honestly, you’d think they had something better to do, like play some games. Oh. Wait.

Update: here’s some brilliant comments from the TeamXbox MASSIVE:

xboxrules_uk: HELL YES!!!!! BURN SONY BURN!!!
Jeronimo66: ……..LOL at sony. (dots author’s own)
Jamesz28: sony products are trash.
Jeronimo66: ……….dreamcast. (dots author’s own)
baddboy: How will PS3 owners play their $30 movies?
Mercury69: Burn in Hell Sony!!!
akirax360: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE_DARK_FENIX: sony fans lmao
tleluron: ahahaahhahahaha..
Jeronimo66: ……….LOL at sony (dots author’s own)

Brilliant, inciteful discussion. Should you wish to contribute, head on over. Don’t forget to add loads of !!!!!s and …..s and spell everything wrong.