EA Drop Charges For Weapons

Well, jolly good news. After every blog on the interwebhighway stamped its feet about having to pay for downloadable weapons in Battlefield Bad Company, EA has listened, somewhat. IGN asked EA if there’s now going to be any charge for the Gold Edition guns, and the reply was: ‘No, there’s no charge for any of the guns in the game. All of the guns in the game can be achieved without purchasing them. All guns are available to everyone. However, we want to give some exclusivity to those who buy the Gold Edition. They will get the five Gold Edition weapons from Day One when they put the disc in. People that don’t buy the Gold Edition can get the five additional weapons by getting to the final rank in the game. There will be a golden, shiny five-weapon unlock when they hit level 25 in the game.

Sounds like a compromise. Now, what’s next. Ah, Rock Band…