PSN Content: 17/04/08

We now list all the new additions to the PSN on the home page, right hand side, under ‘Upcoming Games’, but obviously we’ll keep you informed of anything major in our news feeds, such as this Thursday’s Store update, which consists of the following goodies:

Metal Gear Online Premiere: FREE
Warhawk Broken Mirror: £3.99
Warhawk 1.31 Patch: FREE
Lair: Deadly Dragon Pack: FREE
GTA IV Trailer (Everyone’s A Rat): FREE


It’s been a while since a full, proper Thursday update, and this one is about as good as we’ve ever had: obviously there are problems with the MGO Beta, but don’t let that stop you grabbing the Warhawk treats and now that Lair has been patched (as we exclusively revealed) there’s nothing stopping you downloading the Deadly Dragon Pack too. Finally, the GTA IV trailer is up and in HD if you’ve not seen it yet.

Good stuff, SCEE.