Bioshock PS3 in September

You’ve probably heard the rumours about Bioshock being ported to the PS3 many times, but they’re back and they have a small amount of extra evidence.

First, there were the PS3 settings found in the code for the PC port of the game, now Joystiq has a nice little rumour that it will be coming in September, which is around the same time Bioshock 2 details will be announced. It’s expected to have improved visuals over both previous versions and all the downloadable content too. Lets just hope it’s ported effectively, we don’t want to revisit the problems with the Orange Box.

Another of the 360’s biggest games is coming to PS3, then, or so it seems. Bioshock 2 is expected to be multiplatform, PS3, 360 and PC, anyway, so it would make sense to have the original before the sequel.