GTA IV PS3 Pixel War

Most reviewers claim that the PS3 version of GTA IV has the edge in terms of visuals, with superior post processing, lighting, framerate and less pop-in than the Xbox 360 version, but they also claim that the 360 one is somewhat ‘sharper’. Well, there might be some truth to that after all, as pixel counter Quaz51 at the Beyond3D forums appears to have the answer, via an IGN screen grab.

He’s claiming that the PS3 version runs at 630p, 90 lines less than the Xbox version. Until we get anything official (this isn’t confirmed by the developers) this is just one guy talking, but he’s been right before on this sort of thing. What is clear is that regardless of the resolution difference, the PS3 version is consistently being reviewed around the web as the better looking game.

Source, via the epic NeoGAF thread, and bolstered by the fact that Eurogamer had the bollocks to run this story first despite the fact that it’s clearly not something we can trust until we hear officially.

Update: the same guy is now saying the PS3 version is actually 1152x640p.