Haze Demo, GRID Demo…

Next Tuesday (May 6th) is a key date for European PS3 owners – it’s when SCEE are going all out to push just what we’ll be able to get our hands on later in the year, and to celebrate they’ll be offering two PSN Store updates, not just the one on Thursday.

6th May


Game Demos:

* Condemned 2
* Haze

Full Games:

* Blast Factor Advanced
* High Velocity Bowling
* Street Skater

Expansion Packs:

* Blast Factor Advanced Research
* High Velocity Bowling Character – Mike


* Buzz! Quiz TV
* Secret Agent Clank
* Siren Blood Curse

8th May

Game Demos:

* Bourne Conspiracy
* Race Driver: GRID

Expansion Packs:

* Army of Two
* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – Def Leppard Track Pack
* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – Muse Track Pack


* Echochrome Apple
* Play Compilation
* Press Conference

So, we’re getting the first look at Haze and GRID, both playable, plus some cool new stuff like Street Skater and a nod towards the next Echochrome title: Apple. Stacks of expansion packs and trailers round off what has to be the best Store update since launch, not including Warhawk and GT 5 Prologue, naturally.

We can also confirm that fans of Resistance should stay tuned very carefully