Lord Of The Rings – Conquest Announced

We’re big Lord Of The Rings fans here at TSA, and we also loved the Star Wars Battlefront games – massive open battlefields full of human and AI characters, richly enhanced with the visuals and lore of the films they were based on. So when Pandemic announced Lord Of The Rings – Conquest this morning, we were jumping for joy in our Legolas costumes.

The game will allow players to take part in any of the battles seen in the films, plus a couple of book-only sections, controlling any of the relevant characters, both good and evil. This means you’ll be able to pick from Hobbits, Dwarfs and Elves, or even venture over to the dark side and fight with Orcs, Goblins and even the Balrog. 150 characters will be on-screen at once, although the game maxes out at 8 human players.

There are two campaigns: one closely following events in the films (we won’t say books, here) and another based on what would have happened if Sauron had managed to get his mitts on The One Ring. ‘Our Pandemic Studios creative teams have years of expertise bringing giant battlefields to life,‘ says Andrew Goldman, Pandemic Studios co-founder and general manager. ‘We’ve always wanted to harness our experience in a fantasy universe with warriors, archers, mages and castle sieges. Of course, there is truly no better fantasy world to recreate than the enormity of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ realm.

Expect this epic game this Autumn. We’ll have more on it soon.