To Win Is To Lose For SONY

Some might argue otherwise but it seems like SONY is not doing much to pull ahead of the competition in 2008. Now it turns out that this is actually a conscious decision on their part and is due to a corporate change in strategy that has been heard mentioned in an earnings call.

Firmly believing in their own self proclaimed 10 year life span for the PS3 SONY has decided that 2008 should be used making the PS3 profitable rather than trying to sell more units. Those two things are still intricately intertwined because SONY is still losing money hand over fist with each unit sold. £67 loss with each unit sold is the official story but some crafty number crunchers figure it to be larger due to SONY’s current game division losses being much larger than a £67 per unit loss should amount to.

Of course those people try to attribute all losses to PS3 units sold and do not take into account the wheel barrows of cash SONY must be pouring into the furnace to enrich the PS3’s feature list, fund development of first party games and services like Home and keep the free PSN service up and running while continually adding to it.

The game divisions target sales of Consoles for April 2008-March 2009 is actually lower than it was for the previous year. So, for SONY the real fight seems to have been postponed until same time next year where hopefully the PS3 will be sold at close to manufactured price and long waited big time exclusive first, second and third party titles should start being released.

But am I the only one who thinks that 2009, a full 4 years into this generation might be a smidgen too late to turn the tide?

Via Technology Blog & Next Gen