Haze Review Roundup

Here’s a few of the reviews currently available for PS3 exclusive Haze:

IGN – 4.5 / 10:
Haze was touted as a great PS3 exclusive from a developer well versed in first-person shooter mechanics. While Free Radical does have a solid pedigree, Haze does not live up to the company’s reputation thanks to a horrible plot, weak gameplay mechanics and visuals that are truly underwhelming. While playing with friends is enjoyable, not even those are enough to bring this lackluster title around.


GameReactor – 6 / 10:
(Review taken down)

GamersHell – 6.5 /10:
Ultimately, Haze is still sitting in the wake of Call of Duty 4, and falls into that category of being just another FPS. The game tries to include different content with Nectar abilities and rebel dynamics, but a confused story, lacking gameplay elements and technical bugs bog the game down from being a stellar PS3 exclusive. It’s worth a rental, but know that Haze isn’t a name you want throw out there next time you’re having a console-focused debate.

AV Club – C+:
More narratively cohesive than the Halo trilogy, but less inventive and compelling than Resistance: Fall Of Man, Haze does finally give us a self-aware portrait of videogame soldiers, and a foil for all the head-butting, “boo-yah” behavior that’s been the norm for far too long in the medium. Too bad it’s paired with one of the more pedestrian FPS games to come along in recent years.

We’ll have our own full review very soon.