Warhawk Gets An Update

Expect a server-side update today, with the below changes:

  • Playlists which include the largest layouts now include only the largest layouts. They will no longer occasionally rotate into medium layouts.
  • Respawn times have been set to 3 seconds.
  • Broken Mirror servers now offer dedicated CTF and ZNS games in place of the mixed playlists.
  • Dogfight servers were added back to the list. They were inadvertently omitted before.
  • All games’ time limits were reduced to 15 minutes, and ZNS score limit was reduced to 5000, to combat complaints of prolonged base camping.
  • “NEWBIE” servers were changed to “Rookie” to bring the nomenclature in line with upcoming changes in v1.4.
  • “Pro” servers were changed to “Expert” to more obviously indicate a skill level rather than a player type. Some players incorrectly identified “Pro” servers as tournament games, a la MLG or GGL.
  • “Casual” servers are essentially the same as before, but the “Casual” designator has been dropped. We now refer to these internally as just “standard” servers, and they are listed without any special identifier.
  • The rank cap on Rookie servers was increased to Wingman, since players were getting kicked out of these servers too quickly and finding themselves unprepared to play on standard servers.
  • A rank cap was imposed on standard servers at Command Marshall. This is rank 15/19 so it should not affect a lot of players. The intention is to pull some of the most elite players out into their own category, somewhat narrowing the rank gap on these servers.
  • Many Omega Dawn exclusive servers were removed due to lack of use.