Guardian: Haze Best FPS By Far

We’re saying nothing, we can’t actually be arsed with this anymore as the drama is as scripted as Mantel battle tactics, but here’s The Guardian’s ‘take’ on Haze:

PS3 owners have been licking their lips in anticipation of Haze, the first next-gen effort (and a rare PS3 exclusive first-person shooter) from Free Radical, the developer behind the TimeSplitters games. But while it’s very enjoyable to play, it also disappoints somewhat. Its strongest point is a sumptuous control system that combines accuracy and responsiveness to stunning effect. Its story is good, too: set in a world dominated by the Mantell corporation, you begin as a Mantell trooper, hyped up on a drug called Nectar, but end up as one of the Promised Hand rebels, a duality that introduces subtle changes in gameplay. But that gameplay – combining shooting, Halo-like driving and a few cursory puzzles – never feels innovative, and the graphics are, frankly, awful. An innovative story-based multi-player mode should prove popular, though, and Haze is still undoubtedly the best full-blown FPS for the PS3 so far. But it does leave you feeling it could have been even better.

Indeed. And yes, that’s the full review believe it or not, awarding the game a 4/5. You’d get more from Wikipedia. Elsewhere, CNet gave it a 6/10 and IGN Australia gave it 6.something.