The PS3’s Sexiest Games

Sure, you bought your PS3 for the high definition graphics, the Sony exclusive titles and the Blu-ray movie playback. Right? Right. But as titles like Dead of Alive have told us, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of eye-candy too, so here’s what we think are the top 5 sexiest games for the PS3. In a cheap, tacky kind of way.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma might well be a truly hardcore fighting game, running at 1080p and 60 super-fast frames a second, but it also plays host to Rachel, the impossibly large breasted character playable throughout the game.


Team Ninja’s Tomonobu Itagaki has something of a fondness for the female form, and his scantily clad Dead or Alive Volleyball series has taught us one thing – his games sell regardless of the actual quality. All power to him, if he keeps on creating the likes of Rachel we’re not going to complain.

PS3P Golf 1

Which brings us to Everybody’s Golf 5, or whatever it’s called in your country. Peppering your golf game with cute anime style Japanese chicks is a winning combination in our books, and as the second shot above shows with a few flicks of the camera button it’s easy to enough to see why.

Except if you’ve got the Western version of the game, which gracefully equips most of the ladies with less revealing attire. The game’s the same, you’re just not getting the dodgy shots you find in this Youtube video.


Exclusive title Heavenly Sword was one of our highlights last year, with superb voice acting and incredible animation. Also, and in no way reflected in our review score, was the simple fact that lead character Nariko had a fondness for not really wearing many clothes.

We seem to remember Edge’s Heavenly Sword cover coming under a bit of stick, so to speak, but this wouldn’t have been the first time as their infamous ‘Girl Issue’ was mistakenly placed on higher shelves in some newsagents. Naturally, this was a Team Ninja focused cover…

PS3P Pain 1

Less sexy and more pure crass, Pain isn’t the most subtle game, and add-on characters like Cookie, Ginger and Muffy are crude in both their clothing and their limited repertoire of voice samples.

Still, with a slight nudge of the camera it’s easy enough to get the shot you’re looking for, but for some reason even the women in the game are capable of achieving the ‘sack tap’ award, so perhaps closer investigation wouldn’t go amiss anyway…

PS3P Tennis 1

And finally, with a character straight from UK Resistance’s wet dreams, Ulala’s presence in Sega Superstars Tennis brings a touch of futuristic class to the whole proceedings.

The whole game is a massive fan service exercise, but it’s one we thoroughly enjoyed playing through – there’s some really cool levels to unlock, classic Sega tunes and of course, the ability to play as Ulala. Shame she’s a bit annoying…

Honourable mentions to (obviously) Grand Theft Auto IV and Conan the Barbarian, but that’s more than enough for one day.