The FW 2.4 Guide

So, with the news this morning that PS3 Firmware 2.40 will include in-game XMB we’ve decided to break it down a little – find out what’s confirmed and what isn’t, and put together what we think 2.40 will actually involve:

What’s confirmed:


Technically, nothing. Until Sony issue a press release or post something on their blog, everything is speculation, rumour and wishful thinking. However, there are a number of people we here at TSA can happily place our trust in, and Jim over at Gaming Age is one of them. In addition, everything in this post is our opinion too.

Will the new features automatically appear inside the games?

Whilst claims of universal Friends lists and in-game invites seem realistic enough, don’t expect them to suddenly start working when 2.40 arrives. The development kits for the 2.40 features haven’t even gone out to developers yet (or so we hear) so any features locked to 2.40 and above will need to be patched in by the devs once they get their hands on the code.

What does this mean?

It means you won’t be able to hit the PS button in Motorstorm and invite your mates, not until such functionality is patched into the game and a new title update is made available to download. We would expect that in-game messaging will work across all games though, as part of the XMB layer – just not invites as such.

And custom soundtracks?

Well, Microsoft has a patent on such functionality, it’s going to be interesting to see how Sony get around that, if indeed that’s the plan. Expect this to be more of a ‘music player’ that overlays the game, and cancels out the normal game music if the game itself supports it.

So what can we expect?

Well, we’re assuming that Sony will increase the Friends list, at least doubling it. We also assume that some kind of XMB functionality will be added to movie playback, the way you’re signed out of PSN when watching a Blu-ray is odd. Expect the XMB to show the time, too, in-game, plus we might finally get RSS feeds.

We’ll get Trophies, right?

Almost certainly. Again, only for games that support them.

What about Youtube uploading

Well, it’s already there in one game – Mainichi Issho (Everyday Together) – but required a game patch, so we can guess that similar options will appear in future games, again, via patches. The option to upload your favourite crashes from GRID would be a nice touch.

And when will 2.40 hit?

June 12th? Seems fair enough, if not the week before…