Lucasarts To Halt Production

According to ShackNews Lucasarts plans to cease internal development in September, firing approximately 100 staff. This is in addition to rumours of other recent terminations at the developer.

In addition to The Force Unleashed, which is still planned for September on PS3, the studio is only known to have one other title, an Indiana Jones game, in development. According to the rumour all other projects will be outsourced, although this isn’t new for Lucasarts, having previously worked with TT Games (on the Lego series), Bioware, Pandemic and Totally Games.

“Some that believe that more money can be made by licensing the SW and Indiana Jones IP to third party developers,” an anonymous source, believed to be an ex-employee, wrote in the comments after LucasArts president Jim Ward resigned “for personal reasons” although that particular story appears to have been changed since it was originally published.