Haze Gets a Patch

The disappointing Haze had a lot of problems. There was the underwhelming graphics, the wasted storyline, the useless voice acting, the failure to live up to Free Radical’s lineage and the failure to live up to the mound of hype it had received. However, chief amongst these problems was that the biggest feature, the one that people had really been talking about, was not working when the game was released.

That feature was online co-operative play. The ability to play the game with your friend would have at least removed the problem of useless teammate AI (hopefully). Well, now you can throw that problem aside, because Free Radical have released a 51mb patch which removes all the strange errors that plagued the co-op play of the game.

Whether that makes it better or not is up to you – tell us, Haze owners, what do you think of Haze now it’s been patched?

Update: There are reports of this patch being US only, any UK Haze owners please leave a comment telling us if you can get it or not (open the game, if you can get it, it will patch itself) so we can update this article.