Is Home Now Dress-less?

Dress used to be, from what we could tell, integrated into Home, giving users the option to design and purchase specfic clothing and such before kitting out their virtual avatar and allowing them to roam freely. Oddly, though, Dress now appears to have it’s own game page on the Japanese PlayStation site, suggesting that it’s now a stand-alone ‘game’ and not something incorporated into Home.

First seen at the last TGS, ‘Dress’ was meant to allow the fashion industry to link up with Home, naturally appealling more to Home’s female players, and looked certain to carry micro-transaction style payment options. Dress was apparently based on Tourist Trophy’s (remember, GT with bikes) biker costume screen, and would have been a dedicated Home area, perhaps even a shop, and would have featured catwalks and museums.


We’ll see whether this ‘separation’ is indeed the case soon, no doubt.

Via NeoGAF.