Buzz Off!

Sony’s open enough about its first party products to have a reasonably candid approach to its own message boards, which is often a base for both praise and complaint. The full TSA review of Buzz! is due very soon (Michael’s clicking away at it right now) so it would be daft to repeat issues, but it’s worth mentioning a few key aspects most bothersome.

Sofa vs Sofa – the Online is quite limited, much more so than the trailers would suggest, with the game basically being a one-vs-one affair rather than groups of family and friends battling over the internet.

Stripped down offline – there are less game modes, less rounds and less chances for a last-minute comeback – quizzes are structured identically and become predictable quickly, despite having more questions.

Lack of customisation – sadly, you can’t tweak the game as much as previous iterations, length of games appear fairly fixed and there’s no difficulty levels to mess around with. Hopefully such issues will be addressed in the future.

However, on a more positive note, we will say that MyBuzz! is still a pretty cool feature and the visuals are lovely, but we’ll leave all that for the review… Thanks to M Zaheer for the tip-off.