As soon as you see the gorgeous sackcloth region selector you’ll fall in love with  Click through to the site proper and there’s a lovely globe from which you can select Game Info or Downloads.  The always cute Sackboy is present on screen, sadly wearing a little frown; point at him and he soon cheers up.

There’s some info on the game, most of which we’ve seen before, but still the thought of 4-player LBP coop is making us crazy with anticipation.  Our favourite line though, is this: This October your PlayStation3 is going to become the most creative tool in your life, and gaming is never going to be the same again.  October!  Gah, can’t wait…


The site also has a bunch of cool screenshots that show how easy it is to create and manipulate objects in the game.  And there’s a fantastic trailer that starts off with, well we won’t spoil it except to say we’ll never look at Helghast in quite the same way again.  The trailer can be downloaded to your PC/Mac or even to a PSP.

The downloads section also contains links for a couple of wallpapers, which are available in a variety of resolutions and also for the PSP.

There’s not a huge amount of content there yet, but there’s enough to pique interest again (although our interest in LBP has remained at a constant 10 for the last few months).  There’s placeholders for more content and the globe has plenty of locations that could be used to hold new sections.

Pop over, have a look, then come back here and moan about how far off October is – that’s what we’re going to do.